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Three reasons to try yoga (And why I love yoga so much)

What I would like to share with you is why I love yoga so much and what it has brought me.
Why could yoga be useful for you? Maybe you have never done yoga and here is why it could be
a true game changer in your life (as it was for me).

  1. Getting into your body

When you do the yoga postures, you follow your  breath, you listen to your body and you tune in
You turn your attention in a guided manner to your body. You also engage your full attention in
whatever posture it is you are doing. And what happens is that your relationship with your body
starts to change.

You can try any form and any type of yoga, this does not matter. Hopefully it is good, anatomically
sound yoga. But also if you drop into a 'just-go-for-it-yoga-class',  it still works.
It also does not matter if you do an advanced posture or a beginner posture. 

In general people tend to be more involved in the moment when the postures are more challenging
(or advanced). But also in a more relaxing form of yoga (like yin yoga), you can be fully present in
your body.

When tuning into your body, you will be more connected into the present moment and with whatever
it is that you sense and feel. Long term, this will help you to understand what situations you like and make
you happy and which situations are not suitable or healthy for you.

So in a way, yoga helped me to understand who I am, by tuning in to my body.
  1. Out of your mind

Yoga moved me from being in my mind to being in my body and out of my mind (-;. Yoga is a tool to
ease you into your physical being. And from that conscious in-your-body perspective you move into
your feeling, intuitive and sensing mode. 

This sensing mode is a very natural state for animals and little children. It is actually very natural to
all human beings, only the more sophisticated we get, the more we seem to be involved in thinking.
Being in your mind is not so natural but I believe ‘thinking’ is something that had to be developed in
human evolution.

When you get present in your body, feel your body and be at ease with your breath, you also take a
distance from thinking about and judging your body. Judging keeps you from really sensing what
your body tells you.

When you do yoga, your sensing awareness pulls you into a certain perception to know and to feel
things your mind is not capable of. You become aware of your intuition, your gut feelings and your inner

3. Intuition

Yoga was (and still is) the start of a lot of changes in my life. Not only did it help me in the physical
sense, but long term, it was mainly the entrance door into my inner life.

When tuning in to your body,  absorbing the state of your inner weather, switching to a more feeling
and sensing mode and turning the judging mind get into a more spiritual realm.

You get into a part of you that is more intuitive, that wakes up when you get more calm and relaxed,
trusting into what you feel inside of you

This movement from thinking in terms of good and bad to sensing and getting to see your own inner
knowing is a game changer.
Learning to facilitate this proces has made me a real yogi.
It changed how I knew myself, what decisions I made and also changed my state of mind

When you feel stressed out you can just drop whatever you are doing, sit down on your yogamat and
do some yoga. Half an hour (or two hours) later, you find yourself more calm, at ease and with a mind
that is more clear.
The inner or outer chaos or stress that was there before are seen in a different way.

So the tool of yoga and the physical body is the entrance door into a different perspective on life for

Give it a try: open up to you

What you start to enter is a life (your life!) that is more rooted inside of you then outside of you. So not
so much from the perspective of your culture, parents or friends, but from what you feel and know
what would be a new possibility in your life.

This inner foundation is what this world needs most.

I hope this inspires you to try the tool of yoga And to deepen your practise if you are already on your


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